Deposit Requirements and Cancellation Policies

Each booking requires a online deposit to confirm your charter/tour date.

Catamaran Charters $100.- - $300.- US per Boat.

Inshore Fishing Charters $100.- - $150.- US per Boat.

Offshore private Fishing Charters $200.- - $500.- US per Boat.

Offshore shared Fishing Charters $50.- US per Person.

Power Motor Boat $150.- - $200.- US per Boat.

Links for online deposits are sent to you when you received the pick up details/times for your charter.

Every booking can be cancelled by the Customer 72+hrs prior to the announced pick up time and the deposit will be fully refunded, no explanations necessary, no questions asked.

Cancellations less than 72hrs prior to sheduled pick up time and No-Shows loose their online deposit.

In case of unfavorable Sea Conditions we would contact you and try to reshedule for a later date, if available by your shedule and ours. otherwise the charter would be canceled and the deposit refunded completely.

While our Catamaran Cruises and Inshore Charters take all place on our calm inshore and beach areas,

for our Offshore Charters please be aware that a Sea Level around 6ft is year around considered a normal/usual day. for the offshore charters we highly recommend to take precautions. talk to your Doctor or Pharmacist about best suitable Meds for each groupmember. take always the Non-Drowsy Motion Sickness Meds. the night before your offshore charter get some good hours of sleep, do not overindulg on alcohol and do not consume a heavy breakfast prior to boarding a offshore vessel. on regular days very most "Seasickness" can be blamed on too high blood alcohol levels and/or filled up bellies. such then happens on the calmest day of the year the same as under choppy conditions. we do not any refunds in case you cut short on your prior booked offshore charter time due seasickness.